I got a Lenovo ThinkStation S30 running Windows 10 and I decided to install Ubuntu 20.04 on it. After the installation finished, it asked me to unplug my USB device and when it restarted I had no display through DVI (from GPU) and my keyboard would not light up anymore. Now I'm stuck as my PC won't output a display and my mouse and keyboard won't work. Both peripherals are working on my other PC and there are no issues with my monitor.

I don't have any display connector on my motherboard, I only have a male serial port so I'm forced to plug my screen into my GPU. I tried resetting the CMOS and I tested my battery and everything is fine. I tried booting again, but the problem is still there.

All my fans (CPU, rear exhaust and GPU) are spinning and the front panel lights are on. The PC powers up, but it has no display output signal and my mouse and keyboard are not working at all. I can't even enter the BIOS. Nothing.

The PC booted to Windows 10 right before I installed Ubuntu. After the restart, BAM I have this problem. Could it be an issue with my motherboard? Why would it happen all of a sudden like that?

Thanks for your time.

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