I just upgraded from Lubuntu 18.04LTS to 20.04LTS and have discovered that some desktop icons (launchers? I don't know the right term!) no longer work. It used to be that I could drag a .jpg image onto this "icon" (launcher?) and just the action of dropping it on that icon would cause the Exif data to be scraped and it would be stored in a "no-exif" folder for later use. The script that activated was a simple bash script.

It was very convenient and meant I didn't have to go through a lengthy process of identifying the photo from the commandline and typing in all the commands.

Is this feature something I can recreate in Lubuntu 20.04? The icons are still there but there's no "action" when I hover an image over them anymore. It just says "copy here, move here" and so on.

Thank you!

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