One can find out very easily that I am running an Ubuntu virtual machine on VirtualBox with some very simple commands. How can I disable such commands and make sure nobody can find out that I am running a virtual machine.

  • The fact that the commands are missing or return no useful information would be suspect. Why do you want to do such a thing? – user535733 May 23 at 16:47
  • Then how can I change the information returned by the commands – Aneesh Yalgi May 23 at 16:53
  • Which people are you talking about? People around you with access to computer or internet sites. – crip659 May 23 at 16:55
  • People that are using my computer. Or people who have access to my computer through TeamViewer or something – Aneesh Yalgi May 23 at 16:56
  • Can you give a reason why you don't want it known that you use Ubuntu on a VM? For just me, I say who cares, but you might have a good reason I don't know about. – crip659 May 23 at 17:04

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