The initial log-in screen shows at least one user which can be logged into the system, with a blank photo. How can we add or change this user-image? The manual shows nothing relevant when searched for 'image', 'photo', etc.

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  • System Settings --> Account Details --> User Manager? – DankyNanky May 23 at 13:47

Lubuntu 20.04 uses sddm as its default display manager.

What you've described is the default "face" located in /usr/share/sddm/faces:

default face in log-in screen

The easiest way is to have an image called exactly .face.icon in each user's home folder.

Here, I've copied over /usr/share/icons/oxygen/base/64x64/emotes/face-angel.png to my home folder as .face.icon.

different face

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