how to setup default runlevel to 3 after preseed install ubuntu 16.04

I install an os ubuntu 16.04 with preseed.cfg on boot get stuck boot stuck on /dev/sda1 clean it seems the same question even the same about plymouth

please check out


alt+F2 log in to the system. I find the runlevel is 5 not 3 So how can I setup runlevel to 3 in preseed

because it is a server not a desktop.

try to fellow this


but I cannot find file /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf

ls /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf
ls: cannot access '/etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf': No such file or directory

init 3 works

but I want defalut after a preseed install.


In Ubuntu 16.04 and other newer version of Linux, the concept of runlevel has been changed with systemd targets.

To change runlevel to 3, then use the following command:

sudo systemctl set-default runlevel3.target

For checking your current target, use the following command:

systemctl get-default

For more information you can visit systemd man pages.

man systemd
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  • thanks for your answer.but the runlevel 3 and 5 is the same without desktop.I perfer 3 which is like other dist. – itnikita Jun 12 at 8:52

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