Just installed Ubuntu Studio 20 Tried animated title which needs access to Blender (version at least 2.78, installed is 2.82a)

The default Blender command path is blender, also tried /usr/bin/blender

Error message: No frame was found in the output from Blender

Worked fine in Studio 18

  • Same. Downloaded Blender 2.83.0 - unzipped. Opened OpenShot (2.4.3) preferences, updated Blender path to unzipped executable. Tried both: /home/YOURname/Downloads/blender-2.83.0-linux64/blender ~/Downloads/blender-2.83.0-linux64/blender Neither worked. Jun 25, 2020 at 12:57
  • The version of Blender is too new: see this wiki page: github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/wiki/… . No worked solution yet for me, sorry. Dec 1, 2020 at 0:08

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This issue is best solved by just downloading and installing the AppImage: https://www.openshot.org/download/

Read here for how to install an AppImage file: What is an "AppImage"? How do I install it?


This is a old post but I have to provide the actual fix as this problem transcends versions. You need to point to the render process and not the application itself ~/Downloads/blender-2.83.0-linux64/blender-softwaregl

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