since couple of days I am trying to set VNC Connection with my "server" Ubuntu desktop 20.04. I want to use it as remote workstation and I want to use gnome3 environment, VNC Connect or NoMachine (for better management). Everything works well as long as monitor is attached. As soon as I remove monitor - connection breaks. Ok, that's how it works. I have created dummy screen...

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-dummy

With config based on this post:

Add Fake Display when No Monitor is Plugged In

I can access server, but it stuck on login screen with password prompt. When I put password, nothing happen. Still login screen with password prompt.

If anybody have any idea - please, help.


  • I'd buy Dummy VGA Plug/Adaptor only cost me $1.99 in my country, no hassle with xorg setting. – Liso May 21 at 6:11
  • Yup, I didn't realize that they exist. For test purpose I will do it myself tomorrow (have a lot of electronic trash). Otherwise I would need to wait for package for next couple of days... – sawax May 21 at 6:53

Dummy VGA to HDMI solved the problem.

Description here:


This one I have made

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