I have a clean installation of pop os 20.04 and want to try out suckless software, specially dwm. I have done sudo apt install dwm suckless-tools stterm surf and it worked. I now have the option at the login screen to change gnome for dwm. I can use dmenu and stterm.

But how can I patch it since it wasn't downloaded from git, I have done apt-get build-dep dwm to get all the needed tools to compile it and also apt-get source dwm to get the source code into my home folder but it is not a git repository.

I've tried the simplest thing, to change the Alt key for the Super key without any success. I have copied the config.def.h into a config.h, that files is the one I am modifying then I run sudo make clean install and it does not throw any errors but it does not change the Mod1 for Mod4 keys even after reboot.

Besides that, I am very interested in patching the dwm with the center layout as well as adding slstatus to the status bar since this is a laptop. I haven't found any post about this, does anyone know how to do this?


You probably need to use it by cloning it into a repository and installing it by using make clean install. Even this guide which is linked from the official dwm website asks you to first download the source and then install it.

I would say first uninstall dwm using

sudo apt uninstall dwm

Then follow either one of the following guides.

Installing and configuring dwm under ubuntu

This is a complete guide on using DWM Dwm: The Suckless Window Manager

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