There are loads of posts about the main “No root file system is defined" problem, which say to address this by specifying ext4 as partition type "/" as mount point. HOWEVER, I've not seen anything which addresses how to do this for setups with a separate root partition. On my 250gb SSD, which is dev/sdd/ I have: gparted sdd1: existing efi boot partition

sdd2: existing xubuntu 19.10 /home install I want to overwrite with xubuntu 20.04

sdd3: windows 10 I want to leave alone

BUT in the install options, I can't see how to specify that I want the boot partition to be sdd1 & the /home partition to be sdd2. Firstly it doesn't recognise the existing mount point status of sdd1, and secondly it doesn't look like I have the option of setting sdd2 as the install location but having sdd1 as the "/" mount. installer

Probably the answer to this is really easy but I'm just being cautious as I don't want to make a best guess and ruin anything e.g. having to reinstall windows as well.

Please could someone advise how to address this issue, i.e. how to install xubuntu 20.10 in the same setup as currently (i.e. separate boot partition); also,

Please could someone weigh in as to whether it's worth me having a separate boot partition? At some point I must have read about benefits to having it, although right now it's responsible for an issue (albeit a minor one).


Edit: I looked again and realised I chose "Erase disk and install Xubuntu" because the wording of the first option ("Erase Ubuntu 19.10 and reinstall") ambiguously implies it'll reinstally (x)ubuntu 19.10. However maybe it means it'll install 20.04?


Edit2: Playing around with "Erase disk and install ubuntu" advanced option, is it simply that I:

  • 'change' the sdd1 efi partition to fat32 (which it already is) and "/" as mount point (which it already is)
  • 'change' the sdd2 ext4 partition to ext4 (which it already is) and "/home" as mount point (which it already is)?


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