I've just installed Lubuntu 20.04 on my ASUS Q551L and I have paired my phone with my laptop using the BlueDevil Wizard. When I try to send a file from my phone to my laptop I get a "sending failed" message on my phone. BlueDevil's Bluetooth Send File Wizard shows my phone. There is no panel icon (this would be a sign that the system tray application is active - correct?). I have not yet been able to find a Personal File Sharing Preferences file or application which I've read might be necessary for receiving files to function.

In Discovery, the description for BlueDevil Wizard, BlueDevil Send File and KDE Plasma Desktop - Bluetooth all say,

It contains: . . .A system tray application from where all BlueDevil actions can be done . . . . A daemon which listens to incoming requests, for example to receive files . . .

Here are all the packages the have the word "blue" in them that come with Lubuntu 20.04Muon Package Manager Screenshot

It pairs devices OK, but I can't figure out how to receive files. Also, I can't find the system tray application (is this also called a widget?)


Check out the following; How to Enable and Configure Bluetooth in Ubuntu

This is for an early version (14.04) of Ubuntu - but it does tell you how to configure bluez

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  • Thanks. I really want to know how to use BlueDevil to receive files. I've edited my question title to reflect this. – Geoffrey Wheeler May 16 at 16:12

I have investigated this extensively. It appears that either BlueDevil does not receive files or it does not receive files on ASUS computers. I installed Blueman Bluetooth Manager and its companion Bluetooth Adapters. I found them by searching "Blueman" in Discover. Blueman can send and receive files and it has a very useful systray app accessible through right clicking its icon.

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