I have an Ubuntu 18.04 server running on my home network. On reboot, it does not automatically connect to the network. I have the netplan yaml file correctly configured for dhcp connection. By googling around, I found this solution:

Enter this manually after reboot:

   sudo ip link set dev <name of my ethernet interface> up
   sudo dhclient -v <name of my ethernet interface>

Once I do that, the server connects to the network. But on every reboot, I have to repeat this procedure, which of course makes it impossible to reboot the server while not being able to access it physically.

I do not really know what the two lines above do, and am looking for a method that will auto connect to the network even after a remote reboot.


This solved it:

you've probably confused the netplan calendaring tool with netplan the network configuration tool install netplan.io not netplan

(sudo) apt install netplan.io netplan-
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  • Why was the netplan.io package not installed on your system? It is installed by default on all Ubuntu 18.04 systems. – slangasek May 11 at 13:42

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