I had installed Ubuntu 19.10 a couple of months ago in my VMware. Everything was working fine. But today I noticed that Ubuntu can't able to access the internet.

There is no issue with my internet. The network is working fine on my host machine. I have a couple of other virtual machines. The Internet is working fine there also. It's not working only in Ubuntu even though it shows the network is connected.

enter image description here

I use NAT as my Network Connection settings.

enter image description here

I rebooted the virtual machine, changed the network connection NAT to Bridged but nothing worked

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?


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This issue is commonly related to time synchonisation. run

date -u

in both your host and your guest and compare the results. If the date and time in the guest is significantly different, you can run the command

hwclock --set --date="2020-05-11 12:37:25"  --utc

but being careful to change my date and time above to the one given by your host system.


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