If I add a user to sudoers to be able to perform root functions, does it mean this user is the same as root?

  • What do you mean by "is the same as root"? – Pilot6 May 9 at 14:26
  • What actually is your question, please? I also tend to thinking that what you want to know can just be searched online and read about... If it's just for the knowledge sake, I think it must have been written somewhere sometime somehow. :) Btw, welcome to Ask Ubuntu @NatureSquare. – ThunderBird May 11 at 4:14

No. It means that the user has the right to use the sudo command. Everything else he do on the system (without sudo) is done with his now mal privileges.

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No, Sudoers is controls who can run what commands as what users on what machines and can also control special things such as whether you need a password for particular commands.

You can give all command privileges to user, or just give some privileges to run particular command, like :

#allow all command to user with sudo
iamsudo  ALL=(ALL)       ALL
#only allow reboot command to user with sudo
iamsudo ALL=/usr/sbin/reboot

Hope this will help.

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