I would like to remove all of the archives (.tar, .zip, etc) on my system.

I know how to delete files using rm but I'm wondering if there is a command just for deleting the archives on my system (and not regular files).



You can delete an archive like you would any regular file you have rights to:

rm /path/to/archive

To delete all the files in a certain directory or a folder with more than one file use the -r flag (recursive).

rm -r /path/to/directory

To delete just .tar and .zip files in /path/to/directory/ use this line:

rm -r /path/to/directory/*.tar  /path/to/directory/*.zip 

Note: If you get permission denied, then run the command again with sudo in front of it.

For more information, check out the rm manual page.

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    An example of a archive would be a .tar, .zip or even .deb file. Technically, you should be able to delete a archive using just sudo rm /path/to/archive. If you extract the archived file, then you use rm -r to delete it – ldias May 7 at 15:15
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    @ldias Hence our confusion, archive files (deb, tar, zip etc) are just files and they are removable just as any other file – kurja May 7 at 15:20
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    depends what is /path/to/directory/ - sudo will help with files that your normal user don't have permissions... I wouldn't run that on / ..... – pLumo May 7 at 15:35
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    Use sudo when you need it, I cannot tell you if you need sudo to delete your files... if you have to ask, it's probably better not to use sudo ;-) – pLumo May 7 at 15:37
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    can't see why you should use -r when deleting files. if you want delete file recursive better use find path/ -type f -name '*.zip' -delete or globstar rm path/**/*.zip – bac0n May 7 at 16:10

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