I used sudo do-release-upgrade -d to update xubuntu 19.10 to 20.04. The installation was completed.

After this a terminal command lsb_release -a showed that my system was ubuntu 20.04.
Unfortunately my desktop hasn't changed at all.

Also on start up I get the Welcome screen every time. No effect after I complete the process.

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    Have you rebooted? The new system won't be fully running until you reboot (even if text messages do respond 20.04). Also possible is it's preserved your user settings so some changes aren't always shown (better than things you loved disappearing forcing you to notice the chanes..) – guiverc May 7 at 6:43
  • Thanks. I did restart. The solution was to add another username. I now have 2 with 2 different desktops. I suppose I can eventually delete the first one. SOLVED – Marek May 8 at 7:57
  • Whilst I don't fully understand your issue, I believe it's just a user config issue, and Xubuntu was respecting your changes to the default config made in 19.10, and thus kept them in the 20.04 system. The new user account uses new settings as it was created in 20.04. I may have missed something because you gave no clear details on what you meant by desktop hasn't changed at all. – guiverc May 8 at 8:00

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