I have just noticed that casper-rw persistent files are not working with Ubuntu 20.04 when booted from an ISO file.

Persistent partitions are again working, however persistent partitions do not work with "persistent-path" and only one persistent partition is allowed per USB drive.

This means that a multiboot, multipersistence USB drive is no longer possible using ISO files.

I have also just tested BIOS and UEFI boot modes of a Persistent UNetbootin USB drive and persistence does not seem to be working with Syslinux either.

Hopefully someone will point out where I am making an error, or show how to fix this problem.

Reference: How do I boot an ISO file from my drive using grub2 on UEFI machines?

Bug Report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1877222

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casper-rw is now writable

The persistent file/partition name in Ubuntu 20.04 has been officially changed from casper-rw to writable.

On my computer a persistent partition can be named either casper-rw or writable and it will still work.

However a persistent file must now be named writable.

On a persistent 20.04 drive made with Unetbootin, changing casper-rw to writable will also fix persistence.

One Live USB expert compared this to America changing the name of the dollar to "valuable".

  • I wonder why they renamed, casper-rw made more sense, casper system read write. -rw felt like an extension as well, while "writable" is such plain name Jan 27 at 22:26

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