I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and I want to know how can I access another one of my friends system using Ubuntu 11.04 over remote desktop.I have installed openssh-server,Now what will be the next step to access his system?Any help and suggestions will be highly appreciable.Thanks


Actually, your friend needs to install ssh server, then you can ssh in:

ssh friends_username@server

For example:

ssh friend@

However, arguarbly the easiest solution would be TeamViewer.


On the remote machine we need to start the vino-server (default GNOME VNC server) or edit the vino-preferences for remote desktop viewing. This can also be done from an ssh session (see this answer).

To view the remote desktop we simply start our VNC viewer using the -via option

vncviewer -via user@remote localhost:0

for secure ssh transmission (see also this answer that also includes a solution for viewing the login screen).


There are several ways to access a remote machine, two of the most popular are VNC(for graphical experience like remote-desktop in Windows) and there's SSH which is command-line remote access.

So if you want a command-line remote access, setup OpenSSH on the server and use ssh command on the client. if you want a graphical remote access, setup vino on the server(if you're using Gnome or Unity) and use vinagre on the client.

Here are the respective documentation pages for SSH, vino and vinagre

Note that SSH also works for graphical applications but it's not very suitable for a full graphical remote-access experience.

  • I want the graphical access.So which one will be more helpful? – newuser Apr 20 '12 at 16:15
  • Go for vino on the server and vinagre on the client then. – Diaa Sami May 4 '12 at 19:26

I use 12.04 LTS and it comes with Remmina and you can use it to create a remote desktop connection to another ubuntu computer by doing the following steps:

  1. Enable desktop sharing. (press the superkey/windows key and type "desktop sharing and click the icon that appears")
  2. start Remmina ..click " new connection"
  3. change the protocol from "RDP" to "VNC"
  4. type in the following information in the tabs: under server(use ip address of the computer you are connecting to) username and password
  5. click "Connect" If you don't have Remmina, I assume you can "Sudo apt-get install" it.

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