So I'm really new to this stuff. I'm trying to make a NAS server, and I can clearly see it on my network when I connect to my PC. However, I can't make folders, access folders, or add anything to the section once I'm connected. It says I do not have permission. Then I go the folders on my pi and try and change it, but it says I'm not authorized to change these permissions. I tried searching, and I used the sudo chown -R command but I still can't access it. Please help me :( my external drive is EXT-4 like the guide suggested

  • What OS/release details are you talking about? How did you mount the drive? (was it mounted RO or RW, were there messages/logs that explain why it's RO?) – guiverc May 6 at 5:09
  • Need to see how the server is configured. Please edit your question adding the output of the following commands: testparm -s and net usershare info --long – Morbius1 May 6 at 11:16

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