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I'm an Ubuntu newbie. Have already used software cenetr to install a few stuff, but this week I went looking for it and can't find the program anywhere :-/ I'm sure I must be doing something wrong but can't figure out what it is. Can't find a program listing in Ubuntu. Software Center is not in the applications menu and I have no idea where else to look. Anyone can help please...?

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  • Press Win key (or called as Super key in linux) in keyboard to bring up dash, and search for software center. Click on it to launch.

  • Alternatively press Alt + F2 and type in software-center and press enter.

  • If software center is removed somehow, enter following in terminal to install it.

    sudo apt-get install software-center

Once launched, go to dash (the panel on left side), right click on icon of software center and select Lock to launcher.

  • I am using linux on a mac... wich keys do I press? thank you – Ana Apr 20 '12 at 22:25

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