I installed ubuntu 20.04 64 bit on my Raspberry Pi 4, after boot process at the login screen, username and password won't work. what to do? I am unable to login.


If you installed the correct Ubuntu version from here and followed the tutorial here, and you are sure that installation is not corrupted, you could try to reset the password.

  1. mount the sd in rw mode on a linux system
  2. chroot to the mounted sd
  3. use the passwd command to change the user password
  4. reboot


  1. mount the sd in rw mode on a linux system
  2. edit the password file i.e.: /mnt/etc/shadow

Editing the password file:

You'll find a row containig




just remove "$1$9fsdljkel!nFDSfdfasL.blablabla1!54M" and obtain


This way user "pippo" will have a blank password. Don't try to modify root user because he can't login directly on Ubuntu OS. Once logged on the system just set the password for that user and check if it is set correctly.

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    Solved. Thankyou very much. changed passwd file and it worked. May 5 '20 at 13:42

Directly after 1st boot the username and password (ubuntu/ubuntu) won't work, even though the login screen is shown. After waiting until the cloud-init + SSH-key creation messages are shown it will be possible to log in with the default credentials (ubuntu/ubuntu). This may take a few minutes depending on what model of Pi is being used.


ubuntu 20.04.2 or greater installed in Raspberry Pi login > ubuntu password > ubuntu

documentation > https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-your-raspberry-pi#4-boot-ubuntu-server

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