We have 3 identical nodes running drbd version: 8.4.7 (api:1/proto:86-101) and upgrade to drbd9 is on the menu.

Is it safe to have drbd8 running alongside with drbd9? at least during upgrade process.


--- system config (identical nodes)

  • Ubuntu server 18.04 (end of life) upgrading to Ubuntu 20
  • HD= 2x2TBytes per node
  • RAM= 32GBytes
  • drbd version: 8.4.7 (api:1/proto:86-101) -- srcversion: 7FA2FF168828B1B272D3F92
  • To start with, which version of Linux have you installed (Ubuntu server, Ubuntu desktop, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, et al.) , and which release number? Different releases have different tools for us to recommend. Please click edit and add that vital information to your question so all the facts we need are in the question. Please don't use Add Comment, since that's our channel to you. All facts about your system should go in the Question with edit
    – K7AAY
    May 5 '20 at 15:59

a drbd node on 8.4 can replicate to a node with drbd 9.0 , BUT NOT THE OPPOSITE

The process is well documentated on the website of linbit ( creator of drbd ) .


  • I have indeed checked that guide on their website but is it also for those not having subscription? They also do not mention backup or rollback process, does that mean there is no risk?
    – FatRabbit
    May 6 '20 at 6:12

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