I would like your help solving this issue. I recently installed Kubuntu 20.04 and sometimes (randomly, but specially after shutting down abruptly) the system gives no GUI after login (I'm not sure how to call it properly :) ... )

I'm gonna add some pictures to clarify what I'm saying.

First Image - Login screen

Second Image - After entering password

Third Image - I can enter the terminal

Fourth Image - Hitting ALT + Space Bar

So, it gets to login screen as usual. After entering the password a black screen appears, with only a grey line at the bottom. Hitting CTRL + ALT + T enters the terminal. Hitting ALT + Space Bar shows only a grayish rectangle at the top of the screen. Entering $shutdown -r now restarts the computer and the error is gone. I can use it perfectly.

I can reproduce this problem by pressing down the power button until the system is forced to shutdown. When it boots again, the error is there.

The computer specs are: Lenovo S145-15API AMD Ryzen 7 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 1920x1080 No dedicated GPU

Linux DLinux 5.4.0-28-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 22 17:40:10 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Thank you!


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The same happens to me. I believe it will be fixed soon but in the meanwhile, I found (by googling) the following solution. Open Konsole, and issue the next commands as a normal user:

  • killall plasmashell
  • plasmashell &
  • disown

Then, you can freely close the Konsole window.

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