var1="r on"
var2="r off"
if [[ $(xset r on) = true ]] then
  $xset "$var1"
  $xset "$var2"

is the script which I tried to run to toggle the key repeat.

When running the script, the key repeat is kept on/off.

Apologies in advance if I sound like a newbie. I'm really new to this scripting stuff.

Edit: I tried running the script in a terminal, but the output was:

Toggle key repeat.sh: 5: Toggle key repeat.sh: [[: not found
Toggle key repeat.sh: 9: Toggle key repeat.sh: r off: not found

You want to do something like this:


if [[ $(xset q) =~ 'auto repeat:  on' ]]
    xset r off
    xset r on
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  • This works, but when running it from the terminal it doesn't work. Still, it suffices. – Psionikal May 2 at 20:03
  • how do you run it – bac0n May 2 at 20:04
  • To correct myself, it does work when run from terminal, doing ./script.sh – Psionikal May 2 at 20:09
  • dont think anything is tracking the repeat setting in the console (believe xset is tracked by x) you can set repeat with setterm --repeat on|off or echo -e "\033[?8h" and "\033[?8l" – bac0n May 3 at 11:09

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