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How do I install tar bz2 and gz files?

I'm trying to install "Sunflower" file browser app in Ubuntu. I downloaded the installer and it's a .TGZ file. How do I install it?

Can somebody walk me through the steps from de-compressing to what must be keyed in to the terminal and where must I place the installation folder.

The file is saved on home folder, under a folder called "Downloads". I renamed the compressed file to just "Sunflower.tgz" and moved it on the Home Folder.

I typed "tar xfvz sunflower.tgz on terminal but can't find the file. Is it because I renamed it?

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  • .tgz is just a shortening of .tar.gz. You can extract it by right clicking it. And you should note that everything in Linux is case sensitive. If you rename something to ABC and then try to access it from abc it won't work. – Oli Apr 19 '12 at 14:24

1 thing: linux is case sensitive. You used tar xfvz sunflower.tgz and state the name of the file is Sunflower.tgz. That might be the problem you face with the extracting not working.

I would advice using a PPA or a DEB if possible.

The google code sunflower website points to a Launchpad page with a PPA. This one seems outdated but the 1st link also has a deb install file: sunflower 0.1a.42-1. You can open the last one with Ubuntu Software Center and have it check the package.

Seems easier to me ;)

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