I have installed Ubuntu as virtual machine under Mac, by VMware Fusion.

I have already configured VMware Fusion to share a disk of Mac...

But I still can't see the disk in the file manager...

Should I do something to mount the disk?

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    is the Mac not available under the directory /mnt/hgfs ? From a terminal ls /mnt/hgfs – Gary Apr 19 '12 at 13:40

As @Gary suggested in his comment to your question, the default for VMware appears to be mounting shared folders in the directory /mnt/hgfs.

You can list the folders in that directory with ls /mnt/hgfs in a terminal window.

If you want to use Nautilus, the default Ubuntu GUI file manager/explorer, then after you open it press ctrl+L and enter the path /mnt/hgfs into the Location box and press enter.

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