I have been looking for a solution to this problem for quite some time but I haven't managed to find any fixes.

I have an Asus ROG Strix G731GT laptop running a dual-boot of Windows 10 & Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The laptop's built-in keyboard has RGB lightning.

The problem is that while on Windows I can easily control the lights using the Armoury Crate and Asus Aura apps from the Microsoft Store, I cannot manage to find an alternative to these programs for Linux.

Not even the key combinations (FN + arrow keys) that are used to control the RGB's brightness and pattern work.

Does anyone have a clue as to how I can control the RGB on my keyboard? All the solutions I have found online are for external keyboards, but I couldn't find anything related to the built-in keyboard.

(Note: In this case my keyboard's RGB does function, but I just can't change the color or the brightness of the RGB.)


EDIT: I have found a solution using https://github.com/wroberts/rogauracore


I was able to control the lights using a repository called 'rogauracore' (https://github.com/wroberts/rogauracore). The command syntax is really easy and it works perfectly.

  • pamac install rogauracore-git worked perfectly – nelaaro Dec 31 '20 at 5:27
  • Working perfectly. Thanks. – smmehrab Mar 18 at 4:46

In your linux terminal paste the following commands (source- https://github.com/wroberts/rogauracore):

sudo apt install libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev
curl -LOs https://github.com/wroberts/rogauracore/releases/download/$VERSION/rogauracore-$VERSION.tar.gz
tar xf rogauracore-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd rogauracore-$VERSION/
sudo make install

and then just run the command for your preferred colour, for eg:

sudo rogauracore single_static 0000ff

Hope it helps.


. Install g++ prior to running the ./configure command.

. It may happen that you have to wake up the keyboard, run sudo rogauracore initialize_keyboard for that and then try setting the colour.

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