I've updated to the latest Ubuntu 20.04. I have been seeing that the gnome-software application is not showing the applications that I have installed. The applications do show when I kill gnome-software through the terminal like so sudo killall gnome-software and then reopen it. It is very annoying that I have to do this all the time. I initially thought this was a one time thing but now it has become frequent.

How do I make gnome-software show my applications?


Maybe some old configuration files were modified and these modifications are not compatible with newer gnome-software package and its dependencies. So to resolve it, you could try the next:

  • Reinstall gnome-software and maybe dependent packages with purging:

    sudo apt purge gnome-software
    sudo apt install gnome-software
  • Create new user and check if for new user you observe the same picture. If no, it means your user's configuration files are somehow not compatible with gnome-software package or something is not loaded before gnome-software starting the first time.

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  • I didn't edit any old configuration files. didn't really touch gnome-software before until now – rodude123 May 2 at 14:32
  • You don't, applications do. – Gryu May 2 at 14:38
  • I see. I'll reinstall and get back to you about this – rodude123 May 2 at 14:40

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