After installing 20.04 (with Gnome desktop env), when I navigate through the GUI to my network share, all of the files appear as directories and I am unable to download/copy them to my local host. When I attempt to copy the folder (still in the UI), I received the following error message: Error message screenshot (Error while copying. There was an error reading the folder "filename.txt". No such file or directory)

When I attempt to cat a file after navigating to the share via CLI, I receive the following output: cat: filename.txt: Is a directory

When I attempt ls -la, all of the files show as directories.

When I attempt more filename.txt, the output is: filename.txt: directory

Prior to accessing my shared drive, I had to modify the smb.conf file to include "client min protocol = CORE" in order to even access the shared drive.


I too faced the same issue... and I solved this by :

The files shown as folders or directories will show user.DOSATTRIB on getfattr your_file_name command. for example,

:~/$ getfattr riscv.dts
# file: riscv.dts

To remove that use setfattr -x user.DOSATTRIB your_file_name. for example,

:~/$ setfattr -x user.DOSATTRIB riscv.dts 
:~/$ getfattr riscv.dts 

This worked for me. for multiple files, use

find . -type f -exec setfattr -x user.DOSATTRIB "{}" \;

Hope this helps.

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