Installed Ubuntu 20.04 (from scratch - not an upgrade) a week ago still struggling with very slow video. (even when no other applications is operating - just playing solitaire goes very slow. The cpu is working like crazy ...

I use Dell Inspiron 3580. with intel core i3-7020U. graphics - Intel Mesa HD Graphics 620


The problem was not solved but worsened - and then my computer refused to boot. I suspected hardware problem but the lab said it was software (well - no warranty applies ...:( The disk was formatted, Ubuntu 20.04 re installed. and just to be on the safe side I rebooted after each and every application I installed. and lo and behold - immediately after my first Zoom meeting - everything went south once again.

again the cpu is overworking for no apparent reason and everything goes slow even when Zoom is not working..

Trouble is that nowadays I can't do without it.. (and choosing another video conferencing application is not up to me... )

Update: I have reinstalled 18.04. Everything works just fine. I don't know what had happened but now I can do my proper work...

  • Considering you're specs it's like fitting an Aston Martn engine on a lexus. Consider a lighter version like Lubuntu – dlin Apr 30 at 17:45
  • the computer worked well under 18.04. why would 20.04 be so much worse on my hardware? – Yiftah Apr 30 at 19:09
  • 1
    I'd go with disabling animations gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations 'false' gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.search-providers disable-external 'true' at first, or installing a lighter desktop environment . – dlin Apr 30 at 19:17

bleachbit is used to remove unwanted system cache and cleanup the system. You can install it by synaptic package installer

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  • my Synaptic does not find such a package. I found them on their website. but I dont think overloaded cache is the problem - the system is new. I guess it has more to do with video drivers - but I admit I don't know enough on that. I prefer to be the common user... – Yiftah Apr 30 at 19:06
  • Are intel graphic drivers installed? – dlin Apr 30 at 19:19
  • Try reinstalling ubuntu 20.04 using a bootable usb – Arjun VK May 1 at 3:32

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