Computer booted to black screen 'welcome to emergency mode'. Now, only with external drive connected it passes through error! I am betting on sudo ntfs-config since I did something with it just before. I read in other posts one solution would be to edit the fstab.

One way is to comment the entry for the device which would be this one

UUID=3800C36C00C33024 /media/xx/3800C36C00C33024 ntfs-3g defaults,nodev,nosuid,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 0

but would this work? Now, my only way to enter ubuntu is with external drive connected so I do not want to mess this up again. Also, if I comment will it automount again?

Or should I delete 'nodev,nosuid,' in another post seem that their line did not had this... will wait for some help before doing. Any help appreciated!

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