I have a directory somewhere on my server wth the name "exampledocs". I tried to find it's location using:

ls -d */ | grep -E 'exampledocs'


find * -regextype posix-extended \-regex 'exampledocs' \-type d


grep "exampledocs" * --recursive

Nothing worked. How can I do this from the command line? I'm using Ubuntu Server 11.0.

find / -xdev 2>/dev/null -name "exampledocs" 

Note: This is from Debian, but it should work.

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This also should work

find folder_full_path -name exampledocs -type d
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    its find-out from whole computer. – amitabha2715 Sep 30 '15 at 7:17
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    @AmitabhaBiswas you need to set path instead of "/" in the command to search in specific folder. – heroin Sep 13 '18 at 14:00
  • This works better – Tessaracter Jun 14 at 20:34

locate exampledocs | grep /exampledocs$

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With bash's globstar shell option and [[ evaluation, we can make use of recursive globbing and prefix removal to find directories that contain the needed string. Here's how I'd search for bin folder:

bash-4.3$ shopt -s globstar
bash-4.3$ for f in ./**/* ; do [ -d "$f" ] && [[ "${f##*/}" =~ ^bin$ ]] && echo "$f" ; done
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