I tried to open a pdf in my external HD with Evince (pdf reader), but apparmor denied. Then I tried to find Evince's profile to add a link to it in /etc/apparmor.d/disable in order to disable the profile. I used the command
to find the profile. It shows:

The apparmor manual page explains that some in the profiles list generated by the former command, the slashes are replaced by dots, so I tried to find /snap/evince/evince; it does not exist.

Then I tried to set the evince profile to "complain", instead of "enforce", using this command:
sudo aa-complain snap.evince.evince

Can't find snap.evince.evince in the system path list. If the name of the application is correct, please run 'which snap.evince.evince' as a user with correct PATH environment set up in order to find the fully-qualified path and use the full path as parameter.

I tried do use which and whereis to find the profile, but it was of no avail.

Then I used these commands:
sudo systemctl stop apparmor
sudo systemctl disable apparmor

I tried to open a pdf file with Evince, but AppArmor denied it. I rebooted and I am in the same situation.

Can I disable all profiles at once?
Can I disable a specific profile by any other mean?

P.S - I am asking this question because removing apparmor makes snap unusable, which is very counterproductive.
Thanks in advance.
I am using Ubuntu Budgie 20.04. LTS


You can execute command sudo aa-teardown. Here works like a charm.

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