I have a file with troff format and would like to recast to man page


.. c:function:: bool is_module_percpu_address (unsigned long addr)

   test whether address is from module static percpu


``unsigned long addr``
  address to test


Test whether **addr** belongs to module static percpu area.


``true`` if **addr** is from module static percpu area

.. c:function:: int module_refcount (struct module * mod)

   return the refcount or -1 if unloading


``struct module * mod``
  the module we're checking


     -1 if the module is in the process of unloading
     otherwise the number of references in the kernel to the module

I don't really understand the output of groff, when I do groff file.txt | man -l -.

As you can see, I have never done man pages, just want to use a troff format and made it a readable man page.

How to do so?


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