Recently upgraded to 20.04. When I click on the Activities button, it is nothing more than a search bar.

Home icon: "Sorry there is nothing that matches your search." I can type anything in there and NOTHING shows up. Application icon: Same as above. Document icon: Same as above.

I'm just trying to find the installed application icons... I need my launcher!

  • I have a similar problem and just noticed that my keyboard layout was switched. I have a German keyboard and the problem seems to occur when I switch from the German layout to the English layout. Once I switch back the button works normally. Is this the same for you? – Jannik Buhr Apr 29 at 14:58

I had a similar issue that was caused by the "Appfolders management extension" GNOME extension.

If you're using that extension, this post might help you disable the extension and get your applications list working again.

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