I've just updated my system to Ubuntu 20.04. I'm facing issues with missing icons and alignment of icons in the top bar. I've attached screenshots below.

Misaligned Icons:
Misaligned Icons

Missing Icons:
Missing Icons


Try resetting the icons to the standard icon theme (eg. Yaru).

Had the same issue. I was using a non-standard icon theme called "paper" that is not available for focal.

Changing to a preinstalled icon theme using "Tweak Tools" solved both problems for me. "appearance" tab in Tweak Tools where one can change the icon theme

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I just fixed mine too. I upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04. What I did was that I installed Tweek Tools from Ubuntu Software. With it, I made some adjustment.

Then, I started recovery mode from GRUB (Boot) with my Wi-Fi on. Then, I upgraded from there. This fixes the issue.

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