I have a Window 10 installed on a SSD, and previously there was also the Ubuntu 18.04 dual boot in the same SSD. I formatted the Ubuntu 18.04 partition, and hoping to do a fresh install of the new ubuntu 20.04.

However, I am stuck during the installation, right after picking the partition for root and for /home, I have tried many times, sometimes it's "Removing Conflicting Operating System Files", sometimes it's "Creating ext4 for /home", and there is really something loading, but it takes forever (4 - 5 hours) for it to run and still not finishing...

The only unusual thing I have noticed is that during the installation Ubuntu did not recognize I have the Windows 10 OS installed. I looked online and ran the error checking on C:, then do the chkdsk cmd on C:, but the installation still could not detect the win10 OS.

I have also tried disabling fast boot of windows 10, removing the Virtual machines which have dynamic memory enabled and all the corresponding files, but none of them work. I have also tried to install Kubuntu, but similar problem appears.

I now have 3 live USBs, 2 with Ubuntu 20.04 from different downloads, and 1 with Kubuntu. Please help.


There is an error message saying that "the attempt to mount a filesystem with type vfat in SCSI3 (0,0,0), partition #1 (SDA) at /boot/efi failed" , right after I have performed the partitioning, there are 2 options , go back to the partition table or continue, and I clicked continue.


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You need to boot up from graphical safe mode. It is a graphical problem at this time. You should try under the ubuntu (graphic safe) option . It will work fine 👍 i tried so much laptops but its stuck. But graphical safe mode will solve everything

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    Your awnser was the only one that worked for me. I was trying to install ubuntu 20.04 to my new lenovo legion laptop and the installation was always stuck at different points(e.g. keyboard layout,wifi etc). After i selected Ubuntu(safe graphics) it worked like a charm.
    – Alator
    Dec 5, 2020 at 14:55

I solved this today using Xubuntu 22.04 by disconnecting all SATA drives except the one I was installing to. I have had to do this before with Ubuntu. It's crazy that this bug is still affecting the system.

I have 2 SSDs, 2 HDDs, and the NVME where I install the OS. Some of the drives have more than one partition, like the Windows 10 drive. I use EXT4 and NTFS on my system.

I installed, then shut down to reconnect all the drives, then I'll start the system and add each partition using Gnome Disk which should update fstab.

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