I use a USB hub to switch keyboard and mouse back and forth between my Windows machine and my Ubuntu 19.10 machine. This causes a lot of wear and tear on my USB hub. The plastic coating begins to tear and then it will finally quit working. So when the coating begins to tear, I get a backup hub and stick it in my drawer so I'm back in biz immediately.

So I just grabbed my USB 3.0 out of the drawer. It is labeled "4-Port Ultra Slim USB 3.0 Data Hub Model A7516 Anker Technology Co. Limited." The new Hub works fine on my Windows laptop, but when I plug it in to my Linux workstation nothing happens--like it's not connected.

From this question: Ubuntu 18.04 Usb hub not working, I opened a terminal, unplugged my mouse, plugged my mouse into my hub, plugged the hub in, and then ran

sudo lshw > temp.out 2>&1

The process hung. Hmm. I unplugged the USB hub and, nearly immediately, the process wrapped. What?

Here's what I got in the USB section:

               product: xHCI Host Controller
               vendor: Linux 5.3.0-46-generic xhci-hcd
               physical id: 0
               bus info: usb@1
               logical name: usb1
               version: 5.03
               capabilities: usb-2.00
               configuration: driver=hub slots=10 speed=480Mbit/s
                  description: Keyboard
                  product: Ruffian6_x Kbrd v3_xx
                  vendor: Unicomp Inc
                  physical id: 9
                  bus info: usb@1:9
                  version: 3.45
                  capabilities: usb-2.00
                  configuration: driver=usbhid maxpower=100mA speed=12Mbit/s
                  description: USB hub
                  product: 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
                  vendor: Generic
                  physical id: a
                  bus info: usb@1:a
                  version: 1.21
                  capabilities: usb-2.10
                  configuration: driver=hub slots=4 speed=480Mbit/s

Was going to run modprobe as suggested above, but doesn't take -l parm and wants a modulename and I didn't know what to feed it.

Ideas, please?

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