I just installed Ubuntu 20.04 and tho it cost me a lot of human power, i had success!

Im visually impared, therefor i need to know if:

  1. Is there a keyboard shortcut to enable/disable negative colors? What i experienced is that i had to disable/enable zoom to change negative colors and this makes no sense at all. (That's an error)

  2. I choose high contrast, but the terminal was kept black, so with negative colors enabled it was white while the rest dark. (This is a bug)

  3. I tried to enter a folder, i really like the top of the windows follow the theme, im now back on 16.04 and here the top of each window is the opposit color, but in 20.04 there is a top menu (files, view, edit etc.. ). this dosent follow the window?

  4. the side bar with all icons does either not follow high contrast mode...

  5. in some areas the mouse is invisible due to negative colors (Black background) meanwhile the mouse also is black.. (This is a bug)

  6. the top menu (right side also have difficulties, it's either not following the high contrast mode.. this was ok in 19.10 i belive (I tested that shortly, but waited for 20.04 since i now have less then 1 year to switch from 16.04 to 20.04)

I hope someone can help get these bugs fixed or reported properly, since i dont know how and im not a programmer, just a visually impared man who found peace in Ubuntu when Windows was giving me hell.. I have used Ubuntu for 6 years now :)

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