I have the latest texlive distribution, which I installed via sudo apt install texlive-full

Now I would like to install the package tuda-ci, which is available on CTAN here. I am a bit confused: it sounds like the package is already part of texlive (it also says it here), however it is not on my system and I cannot find it as an Ubuntu package.

Can someone please explain this to me? What is the preferred way to install in this case?

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    You have to wait a week and upgrade to 20.04 LTS - it has TUDA. – N0rbert Apr 22 at 18:10

I usually install texlive from .iso Images downloaded from here: Acquiring TeX Live as an ISO image. It seems to contain any texlive packages.

But you should probably remove any installed TeX packages:

sudo apt remove --purge texlive*
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