I have opened Chrome browser in Ubuntu: a normal window and an incognito window.
I want to switch from the normal window to the incognito window using the keyboard. I have tried Alt+Tab but it switches to new windows (i.e. from Chrome browser to File Manager).

Ctrl+Tab is used for shifting between tabs in the current window (i.e. tabs in Chrome Normal window).

Please do let me know if there is any shortcut for it.


Please see below Link. As per this link it is the Alt and the key just above the Tab key.



keyboard shortcut to switch between windows within an application

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  • I've tried all but not working... – Mayur Fartade Apr 21 at 15:55

Finally I found the short key to switch between different windows of same application.

  • Use Alt + F6 to switch.
  • We also can use Ctrl + Alt, downward arrow and left or right keys

But I do prefer Alt + F6

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The shortcut for this is Super+Key above Tab or Alt+Key above Tab.

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