Looking for some suggestions: I have bought a Lenovo Thinkpad W520 with a SSD of 160 GB. windows 7 came as a default OS. My Storage subsystem has "Internal RAID Not Enabled". I want to replace my optical drive bay by a 2nd SSD of 180 GB where I would like to install Ubuntu so that I can dual boot Linux and windows. My questions are, can I do this with this configuration? What does "internal raid" mean? Is it true that "Internal RAID Not Enabled" will not allow me to use 2nd SSD as a system drive?

Thanks in advance!


Leave RAID to Linux when you need it, don't enable it in your BIOS. You don't need RAID to use your second drive, it is just a mechanism to make your two drives appear as if it is one larger drive (or a mirrored one). For most consumer grade motherboard based RAID implementations, the Linux implementation is superior. In Linux RAID is supplied by md (metadevice). Check RAID on Wikipedia for more information.

  • I believe metadevice is the name used in Oracle/Sun Solaris, for Linux it appears to be derived from multiple device. What's in a name. – jippie Apr 17 '12 at 7:09

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