I have installed a full Ubuntu on a USB flash drive. Every time I want to boot into Ubuntu, I just plug the USB drive in and it boots into Ubuntu, and everything works just fine. There is one problem, though. When I suspend the laptop, i.e. when I press the sleep button or when I close the lid, after some time I turn it on again and it gives me external drive errors and some other errors. I think this is due to the USB drive. It somehow automatically turns itself off and since everything is on the drive, I cannot do anything. Whenever this happens, I just force a shutdown.

Is there any way to resolve this?


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You will have to add usbcore.autosuspend=-1 to the kernel boot parameters.
You can do this by typing modprobe usbcore autosuspend=-1 into the terminal. Then reboot.


I have found only one way to make this work. The only remote that the power button worked for turning sleep mode on/off was the Ortek VRC-1100. This is an old Windows media center ir remote that emulates a keyboard (that is probably why it works). What I did was us the ir learning function for my air mouses power button to learn the power button command for my VRC-1100. Then I connected the VRC-1100's ir receiver (USB) to the computer. Then if you put the air mouse in ir mode it can put the computer to sleep and wake it up with no problems. A few years ago I bought about six VRC-1100's. You need one remote to program the air mouse and a receiver for each computer you want sleep/wake.

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