when trying to access an ftps server with username and password I entered my url as nautilus location in the described format


this however, does not yield the expected result of a password prompt.

instead the connection attempt seems to take ages and nautilus remains busy.

only the push of the cancel button is left.

no connection is instantiated

  • is this protocol supposed to work? (it is at least mentioned in the help pop-up)
  • how do I get it to work?

NOTE: the server is working fine, and filezilla can connect without problems


  • @Terrance, thanks, but I am not interested in configuring an ftps server. the server is up and running somewhere, and it works properly. – qbit Apr 10 '20 at 21:42
  • 2
    Is the gvfs-backends package installed? what is the output of dpkg -L gvfs-backends | grep /ftp ? – steeldriver Apr 10 '20 at 22:13
  • @steeldriver You are probably correct on your question there. I tested it fully from mine to another server I have here and ssl made a difference, but I got instant errors when when I connected on NO and worked on YES, but I do have the gvfs-backends installed on my host. I am removing my comments. – Terrance Apr 10 '20 at 22:37
  • @steeldriver : I got /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-ftp /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-sftp /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/ftp.mount /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/ftps.mount /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/sftp.mount – qbit Apr 10 '20 at 23:26
  • 1
    You might have a bad installation of Nautilus then or a bug. I have tested it here with FileZilla, Nautilus and a server running FTP with SFTP and FTPS and both the FTP and FTPS are working fine and prompt me every time for a username and password when using Nautilus. I am also using 18.04.4 LTS. Maybe try completely removing Nautilus then reinstall it. If that doesn't help, file a bug on it. – Terrance Apr 12 '20 at 14:55

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