My machine consistently spontaneously restarts while gaming, (e.g., while playing Risk of Rain 2 through SteamPlay after as short at 3 minutes or as long as 15 minutes).

System details

  • Ubuntu 19.10 Memory: 15.6 GiB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7600K CPU @3.80GHZ x 4
  • Graphics: AMD Navi10
  • GNOME: 3.34.2 OS type 64-bit

Steps I have tried

  • turned off all overclocking
  • ran Memtest86+ for over an hour; no errors
  • swapped power supply; same result
  • checked for latest graphics drivers; says it's up to date
  • checked temperatures at time of crash; CPU at 37C, GPU at 70C
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    Ubuntu does not have a "spontaneous restart" feature, so look at hardware faults. The two most common hardware faults are thermal and power supply. But neither is related to Ubuntu....
    – user535733
    Apr 10 '20 at 14:54
  • 1
    This is more likely from accessing memory. That game probably addresses memory it should not and that leads to a crash with restart. If you want to track this down you need to start tracing that program. But I do agree: this is not an Ubuntu issue. Risk of Rain 2 itself is likely the cause.
    – Rinzwind
    Apr 10 '20 at 14:57
  • 1
    Check the logs with sudo journalctl -b -1 -e. That command will show you the end of the previous boot's logs.
    – waltinator
    Apr 10 '20 at 16:11
  • It's all full of "Window manager warning: last_user_time (19484979) is greater than comparison timestamp (19484977). This most likely represents a buggy client sending ina Window manager warning: 0x5400001 appears to be one of the offending windows with a timestamp of 19484979. Working around..." Apr 10 '20 at 19:44

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