I am using Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and I've recently upgraded from Firebird 2.5 to Firebird 3.0.

Prior to upgrading, I was restoring my local database with the following unzip&replace command:

zcat /var/www/temp/<database name><backup timestamp>.gbak.gz | gbak -rep -v stdin /database/<database name>.fdb -user <username> -pass <password>

This did the whole job in one step and I dig that sort of thing. However, after upgrading Firebird I have discovered that FlameRobin (version will not connect to the updated database. The error message (to help others who may be Googling) is:

Engine Code: 335544344
Engine Message: I/O error during "open" operation for file "/database/.fdb"
Error while trying to open file
Permission denied.

And my CodeIgniter project complains:

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

To solve this, I change the <database name>.fdb file's owner and group to firebird and firebird then everything is sweet. However I am doing this in two steps ...ugh, lame right? ...I know.

So I am wondering if I can execute something like Change folder permissions and ownership in the same line as my above unzip&replace command?

My system admin fu is not terribly impressive, so I haven't dared to get too crazy with my attempts, but I figure this should be a relatively basic task for those with experience in such things.

p.s. Ideally, I'd like it if I never had to change the owner settings on every restore, so if there is a way to do that -- that would be even better.

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After referring to

Which one is better: using ; or && to execute multiple commands in one line?

I added: && sudo chown firebird:firebird /database/<database name>.fdb to my command to form:

zcat /var/www/temp/<database name><backup timestamp>.gbak.gz | gbak -rep -v stdin /database/<database name>.fdb -user <username> -pass <password> && sudo chown firebird:firebird /database/<database name>.fdb

This successfully changed the ownership settings in one line.

If there is a better practice I am happy to here it and why.

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