As title, I've installed BUMBLEBEE and now my NVidia Graphics card is enabled. However, I have to type "optirun" before the command I want to executed (e.x. $ optirun openrave) to change the graphics card to the NVidia OPTIMUS one, and it sometimes cause some trouble if I don't. Is there any tip that I can automatically change the Graphics Card mode to the NVidia OPTIMUS one?


Yes, you can install the program alacarte, from where you can edit the execute commands for your program links (those you usually access programs with if you start them through your Desktop Environment).

So, if you want a game, let's say teeworlds, to always use your high performance graphics mode, you open alacarte, go to Games, then on teeworld. Then you click on "edit" and set the command from teeworlds to optirun teeworlds. Now teeworlds will use the high performance graphics mode whenever you start it through the dash, the Unity Launcher, the gnome-shell, e.g. but not if you execute teeworlds from the terminal or the command prompt (Alt+F2)

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