Hello everybody please help me to write a script to do the below please:

  1. I want to open a text file named C60_GRM_box.gro (I copied the first lines from this file below) and then extract the second line which is 127240 below;
GRM in vacuum
    1GRM     C1    1   0.061   0.071   0.000
    1GRM     C2    2   0.184   0.142   0.000
  1. Then, I want to subtract 2800 from the number extracted in step one and then divide the result by 60

what I want to do: (the number extracted in step number 1 - 2800)/60 = result

  1. Finally I want to open another txt file named C60_GRM_box.top (I have copied below all the data in the text file I want to replace part of it) and replace a number (which is the number beside the word G8LE, which is 3000 below) with the result I obtained in step 2, I have pasted all the content of the second file named C60_GRM_box.top below;
; Include forcefield parameters
include "/home/abdelaal/Desktop/GROMACS/C60:TAPC/C60_GRM/41/gromos54a7.ff/forcefield.itp"

; Include topology for GRM
include "/home/abdelaal/Desktop/GROMACS/C60:TAPC/C60_GRM/41/GRM.itp"
ifdef POSRES
include "/home/abdelaal/Desktop/GROMACS/C60:TAPC/C60_GRM/41/posrestr.itp"

; Include topology for C60
include "/home/abdelaal/Desktop/GROMACS/C60:TAPC/C60_GRM/41/C60.itp"

[ system ]

; Name

GRM in vacuum 

[ molecules ]

; Compound                 #mols

GRM                           1

G8LE                     strong text    3000

I don't need to open the files in steps 1 and 3, if I can do all the above without opening the files that would be perfect.

Many thanks


this bash shell script does what you want, but you can tweak it to change the source/target features.

assuming source.txt contains the source data; target.txt is the one that you want to replace

# get the 2nd line or source.txt-2800
val=$(expr `head -2 source.txt | tail -1` - 2800)
export val2=$(expr $val / 60)
# replace the result
perl -pi -e 's/(G8LE\s+[^\d]*)\d+/$1$ENV{val2}/g' target.txt
  • I created a text file named trial2.txt and pasted inside it the below: #!/bin/bash val=$(expr head -2 C60_GRM_box.gro | tail -1 - 2800) export val2=$(expr $val / 60) perl -pi -e 's/(G8LE\s+[^\d]*)\d+/$1$ENV{val2}/g' C60_GRM_box.top and then I opened a terminal and I wrote: bash trial2.txt but nothing happened, what is wrong please in what I have done ? – Mohamed Abdelaal Apr 6 '20 at 1:09
  • Thank you so much it worked :) Many thankssssssss for your effort:) – Mohamed Abdelaal Apr 6 '20 at 1:55

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