I have an older machine that is running Fedora Workstation 31. When I go into settings -> network -> Add a VPN, I see this:

OpenConnect VPN - default new VPN on Fedora Workstation 31

However, I tried to install OpenConnect VPN client for Ubuntu with these instructions, but this is all I see....there's no option to setup a PA GlobalProtect VPN connection:

Ubuntu OC VPN - does not have option for PA GlobalProtect VPN

How can I setup my Ubuntu laptop so that I have the option to add a configure a GlobalProtect VPN client connection to my work?


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As far as I know you cannot setup an GlobalProtect VPN connection inside the GUI. You have to use the terminal to setup the connection, which is actually quite easy:

Open the Terminal by STRG+ALT+T and enter the following command:

openconnect --protocol=gp vpn.url-to-your-server.com

Then the you will be ask all necessary information to setup the connection. Once done, the connection is established.

To safe your time to enter manually the command, create a file on your desktop and name it vpn.sh with the following content:

openconnect -b --protocol=gp vpn.url-to-your-server.com

Safe it. Now you can just click on it, enter the details and to connection will be established automatically.

  • Much thanks, @f0sh! It did attempt to connect, but my work's VPN keeps prompting for a biometric response and my RSA code isn't cutting it. That's on their side though, so I've accepted this answer. :) Apr 15, 2020 at 17:01
  • Got it working! I just had to press "1" to confirm biometric challenge, then press my fingerprint on my phone again in the RSA app. Apr 15, 2020 at 17:11

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