I have Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS running as a guest OS in VirtualBox 6.1, and the login screen appears frozen.

  • I have VDRE enabled in VirtualBox to provide remote desktop access
  • I can remote to the guest from another machine on my local network, using rdesktop, xfreerdp and Remmina, and I see the login screen
  • Clicking or typing doesn't have any effect (e.g. I'm trying to click on a user to log in as and enter a password, but clicking doesn't do anything and the password field doesn't appear)

However, if I use the keyboard and select the user (by counting the number of times I press the down key then hitting Enter) and type in the correct password, I can log in and the desktop appears. I just can't see what I'm doing because the login screen doesn't change. After logging in, everything is fine. Any help appreciated.

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