who from you can tell me what the best way and tools to install an android mobile app game ( freefire for example ) on my ubuntu 18.04 ? any android emulator to recommend ?


Try this site: https://bluestacks.app/bluestacks-for-linux

It have a option for install android emulator and a video with it

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  • That link is very misleading. There is no such thing as Bluestacks for Linux, which the author plainly states on the webpage. – ajgringo619 Mar 29 at 3:09

Games like free fire and PUBG are supported in emulators only on windows. There is no android emulator available for Ubuntu.

But if you want to feel like playing on Desktop(Ubuntu). you can follow these steps :

  1. Install screen share over USB like scrcpy (freeware)

    • In terminal run cmd sudo snap install scrcpy
    • Allow USB debugging in developer option
    • Then connect your android phone with laptop or desktop using USB
    • In terminal run cmd scrcpy
  2. Install octopus from the app store for mapping keyboard on the screen.

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